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A website in transition

If you can read this, we've changed webhosts as part of our longterm goal to bring SSN up-to-date.

The changes predicted below (several very warm days ago) have begun. Many of the changes, at this point, are behind the scene in nature -- we're hoping that soon the new ceature will burst forth from these underpinnings...and astonish us all.



Now hear this!

The time is coming for another try

Right you are: it's been awhile since we were able to get over and do anything at all with the new edition of the Star Swarm News. With some luck and some good tail winds this should change...

and I'm looking for a few columnists, reviewers, and specialists to help out. If all goes as planned we should, by July 31, have some regularly changing content over here.... but we've said that before, haven't we?

OK, Ok -- for the moment, we've been practicing for the changes with some blogs -- and if you've been doign a blog fairly regularly you might be a goof candidate for the upwardly mombile Star Swarm News we envision.

Oh yeah -- you can check out some our recent blogs...

there's Sharon Lee's KangaRue Court  with some fresh insight into what we've been doing on one front...

and then there's my very own The Tomorrow Blog with it's sometimes.... brash ...opinions on science fiction -- not to mention some neat photos.

Many of the links to the left don't work at the moment, but we've put together some a new-to-us group of content mgmt programs and we're hoping to make things come alive again in the next few days and weeks...


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June 2002

Most of the links aren't live yet, but --
Just 22 years later, we're back!

by Steve Miller

For what seems like ages -- and is actually closer to a year --we've been promising to get the first online edition of the Star Swarm News finalized. First online edition? Right. For those of you coming in late, the original Star Swarm news was a tabloid newspaper published in the the late 1970's by Aracelli Karri, Inc. of Gaithersburg, Maryland. Drew Farell was the publisher of that tabloid, and I was Managing Editor (let's be honest and say chief cook and bottle washer). 

Produced on an IBM typesetter sitting smack dab in the middle of Drew's living room, that first issue had been scheduled for Memorial Day weekend -- and came out just in time, though with a November dateline since our plan was to go from quarterly to monthly as advertising and circulation built. That's the issue we sent to WorldCon that year, and the issue we hoped would prove the idea of a science fiction tabloid.

We were pleased with the line-up of that first issue, including a front page article by Isaac Asimov on the wisdom (or lack of wisdom) in trying to contact advanced galactic civilizations, a photo fold-out by Jaromir Stephany, and several columns dealing with issues in fandom, cats, and science. 

We saw it the Star Swarm News as community newspaper, and my experience with community newspapers -- as reporter and editor as well as avid reader --was that the tabloid format was a perfect fit. We started getting inquiries from people who wanted to write for us, who wanted to sell advertising, who wanted what we were doing....

Among the special joys of that first issue was the opportunity I had to work with Sharon Lee. Sharon was a contributing editor for that first issue, and some of the ideas we worked on then lead directly to our first collaborative fiction -- The Naming of Kinzel.

The second issue was produced, and we were almost ready for the really big push when, in short order, there were problems with jobs, with space, with families, with the advertising, with money...and the third issue never got beyond the typesetting table.

Despite the setback, we -- that is Drew and I -- kept thinking that there was room for something like the Star Swarm News we'd envisioned. Finally Drew passed on the ownership of the name to me -- as long as I'd do something with it.

Here is the start to that do something. We've got more in the works, stuff I didn't have time to code this weekend, contributions due in, ideas galore....

So when you get a chance, stop by. If you've got ideas, let me know.

Steve Miller / Star Swarm News 
More than 30 SFWA members showed up to sign at the Nebula Awards weekend signing in the Hallmark Center in Kansas City, Friday April 27, 2002. How were they met? These local readers (note books in hand!) were pleased as punch to take part. Alas, we've lost the piece of paper we had that listed everyone's names, so if you know who these folks are please let me know and we'll get the names right. We hope to have a gallery of photos from this year's awards online here Real Soon Now! 

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